My new exercise program in the gym and my old swimming routine. Today at the gym

John Boyter
3 min readDec 8, 2022

My favorite forms of exercise

From my favorite forms of exercise, long brisk walks in nature are on hold. It’s December, and it’s getting cold. And pilates/yoga is on hold. Difficult to find the right place to go for it. Apparently most places in Denmark it’s mostly for women. I don’t really know why. So I am sticking to swimming indoors and training with weights in the gym the next couple of winter months here in Aarhus, Denmark.

Swimming in Denmark

I have been continuing my recent swimming routine twice a week where in the past in Santo Domingo it was at best on average once a week a 1000 meters. Now it’s been 1500 meters on average and sometimes I have swum 2000 meters. The indoor swimming pool where I go is surprisingly warm and pleasant. Not how I remember indoor swimming pools in Denmark over twenty-thirty years ago smelling strongly of chlorine and feeling chilly.

The gym

I am enjoying my new gym membership. It is a really nice and cozy gym. The personal trainer at the gym Mo helped me set up a program which I am following and I am adding some more exercises. I have made it all three times twelve repetitions. Kettlebell swings for hips and goblet squats also using a kettlebell. Some new terminology to me. I include an incline dumbbell press routine for the upper body and one arm dumbbell row on a bench for the back muscles. Finally triceps and biceps using cable machines.

My training program is lacking cardiovascular training

It takes about an hour and I don’t mind if my workout becomes one and a half hours three times a week. I don’t yet do enough cardiovascular training though. When swimming I try to sprint but I don’t really get going properly but it’s where I have succeeded the most with interval training. In, my gym program I start on an exercise bicycle as a warmup for twenty minutes but I get kind of lazy on it and just sit and enjoy the view of the busy street and old buildings in the distance.



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