Different coffee shops in Aarhus, Denmark. Perfect as my “flexible office space”.

John Boyter
2 min readSep 28, 2022
Lagkagehuset in Aarhus, Denmark

Testing coffee shops

I am trying different coffee shops as coworking spaces. On the one hand, saving money on paying for a coworking space. For my needs I can avoid the fixed expense. On the other hand, spending a fortune on cafe latte and always being tempted to eat something sweet. In recent weeks I have tried Cafe Casablanca, Starbucks, Emmerys, Espresso House and today at Lagkagehuset in Risskov, Aarhus, which actually is called Ole & Steen internationally. In the summer it was nice to sit outside.

Habit of writing and an exercise routine

Of course trying to write isn’t really working or at least I don’t feel it is supposed to be. If I can’t write out of passion and pretty much anywhere, then it isn’t worth it. I am trying to build a habit of writing and building up a daily routine where I exercise first and then write. From the rehabilitation program at the hospital after my heart attack I am learning different new tools for exercising and I like to do different types of exercise. Swimming, long walks, pilates and now adding lifting weights. I don’t have a perfect time for writing. Just after breakfast and exercise. Then the evening is more for reading.

Short form and long form writing

Since during the pandemic, when I started writing, I have preferred the short form nature of social media and it is good practice having to make it short and concise. I am still in the learning process and have been trying to add more long form writing on my blog site www.johnboyter.com, the writing platform Medium and on LinkedIn Newsletter. I have a general content strategy for now and picked 10 topics which are also my hashtags on social media and keywords in my writing. Finally, I am preparing to write fiction and will try it out on the platform Patreon.

Networking in Aarhus

To make up for the lack of networking, which to me is the main benefit of a real coworking space, I am looking at joining different communities. On the App Meetup I found a book club here in Aarhus and I was told about an English language writing group which I am looking into. I also updated my profile on internations.org which is a platform for expats to meet around the world and sometimes locals who have traveled and been expats join. In Copenhagen there is a group on Internations of members over 50 who meet so I may try to join an event on a trip over there. Finally, I have registered to join an event in November here in Aarhus by Danes Worldwide.



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